Brewery Equipment Financing

Get Financing for New & Used Brewery Equipment

  • Up to $250k Application Only Financing
  • Bundle Shipping, Labor & Installation into the Financing
  • One Fixed, Low Monthly Payment
Equipment Financing Up to $250k without Financial Statements

Finance Brewery Equipment

Financing for Brewery Equipment from the Vendor of your Choice

We finance almost any type of brewery equipment, both new and used. Shipping, labor and maintenance costs can be bundled and financed with the brewery equipment resulting in one, low monthly payment.

We partner with brewery equipment vendors and distributors to provide financing to their customers. We also offer financing directly to breweries so they can purchase the equipment they need from the vendor of their choice.

Quick & Easy Brewery Equipment Financing

Dimension Funding specializes in providing financing to breweries. Depending upon your financial situation, you may qualify for “No Application” financing up to $250k for brewery equipment. If you finance software in addition to brewery equipment, you could qualify for up to $500k in “No Application” financing. 

Easy & Fast Financing

One Fixed, Low Monthly Payment

Instead of a tremendous outlay of cash upfront, you have one monthly payment over a term up to 60 months.


Conserves Working Capital

Keep your working capital for ongoing brewery business expenses.

Section 179 Tax Benefits

Up to $250k Without Providing Financials

Get up to $250k in financing without providing financial statements. For financing over $250k, financial statements are required

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Expand / Update Brewery Equipment

Expand your brewery’s capacity / update or replace brewery equipment. 

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Brewery Financing

Financing for Any New or Used Brewery Equipment

We finance almost all brewery equipment including: Fermentation Tanks, Grain Handlers, Brewing Kettles, Mashers, Boilers, Pumps, Fillers, Bottling Lines, Canning Lines, Filters, Labeling Machines, Refrigerators/Coolers, Kegs and much more. 

Brewery Software

Bottling / Canning Systems

Tanks and Keg Washers

Refrigeration Equipment


New or Used Brewery Equipment

We finance new or used brewery equipment. Expand your brewery or update current brewery equipment. If you finance an equipment purchase without including software in the financing, you can get up to $250k in "Application Only" financing. Amounts over $250k require financing statements.

Delivery, Setup & Maintenance

By including these costs in your financing, you avoid a big cost outlay at the time of purchase.


Software can be included as part of the financing. If you finance software, you can get up to $500k in "Application Only" financing. Financing over $500k requires financial statements.

Other Vendors

Third-party vendors can be included in the financing, such as consultants, other hardware, etc. This allows you to update your brewery equipment without having a large outlay of cash at the time of purchase.

One, Fixed, Low Monthly Payment

Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment Financing

Get Financing for your Brewery Equipment & Software

  • Write Off Up to 100% Under Section 179
  • Improve your Cash Flow
  • Easy Application Process
  • Fast Funding Usually Within 24 Hours