Working Capital Financing

Get the Lowest Rates and Extended Terms

  • Loan Amounts Between $5k and $200k
  • Low Fixed Rates
  • Terms Up to 24 Months
  • Monthly, Weekly or Daily Repayment Plans

Working Capital Loans

Working capital is essential for any business. Get a working capital loan at the lowest fixed rates for the term that best fits your needs. Working capital loans for terms up to 24 months. 

Monthly, Weekly or Daily Repayment Plans

Choose the working capital loan repayment plan that makes the most sense based upon your business. Seasonal businesses may wish to choose monthly payment plans while restaurants and similar businesses may choose a weekly repayment plan. 

Working capital loans from Dimension Funding allow you to tailor your working capital financing to your business needs.

  • Amounts between $5,000 and $200,000
  • Lowest Fixed Rates
  • Terms up to 24 Months
  • Repayment can be Monthly*, Weekly or Daily

*Monthly repayment plans are limited to a term of 18 months. They also require a higher credit rating than weekly or daily repayment plans.

Save up to 50% Over Merchant Credit Card Advances

Typically, our working capital loans save borrowers up to 50% in comparison to a merchant credit card cash advance. What’s more, you’ll have daily, weekly or monthly, fixed payments that will not change over the course of the loan.

Simple & Easy One Page Application

Fast & Easy Process

A one page application with copies of your bank statements for up to six months. 

Funding in up to 48 Hours

Fast funding after the application / bank statements are received.

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Working Capital Loans

$5k to $200k

Get the cash you need

Quick Apply

A single page application form

Fast Funding

Usually within 48 hours

Extended Repayment

Terms from 6 months to 24 months

Working Capital Loan Approval

Quick & Easy Approval Process

Getting Approved

Some basic requirements for getting a working capital loan approved are:

  • Annual Revenue above $150k
  • Corporate Tax Returns Required for Working Capital Loan Requests Over $100k
  • 51% Ownership Required
  • For Loan Requests Under $50k, 3 Months of Bank Statements are Required
  • For Loan Requests $50k & Up, 6 Months of Bank Statements are Required

For Business Use Only

Uses of a Working Capital Loan

You can use a working capital loan for almost any business purpose. Daily business expenses, expand your inventory, or expand your business.


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